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Thank you for visiting our site. We keep on proposing high frequency products and Optical products for the customers in Japan and the world.

What is OSTenp ?
We are the partner about optical products and high frequency products for information society of internal and external. We propose to creative business for the market of Japan or all over the world.

If you sale your optical products and seek the market to Japan,
We are able to support you with our strong relationship to our customer in Japan.

Our Company Information
Company NameOSTenp Corporation Limited
LocationHead Office: 1-8-13 Kotobukicho, Atsugi-shi Kanagawa, 243-0003 JAPAN
EstablishmentOctober 2, 2001
Representative directorsPresident and CEO: Toshihide Shigemoto
Exective Directors :Kunio Komuro
Exective Directors :Baniel Cheung
Statutory Auditor :Sumie Shigemoto
MissionsDevelopment of the equipments and the parts of Optical network system, Electronic comunication system and Computer network system. and Sales, exportation and importation, technical consulting, and an instruction.
Main BankBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Rakuten Bank
Bank of Yokohama